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My startup failed, so I open sourced the code

My startup failed, so I open sourced the code

We worked on Dryvo for over a year. We put our hearts and souls into it - and we failed. Instead of letting the code rot in a private repository, we chose to make it public and hope someone finds it useful.

In September 2018, a friend of mine and I decided to dedicate our lives into creating a better solution for the driving instructions industry. We then went on and bootstrapped Dryvo - a personal assistant for the driving instructors.
In the following year, we worked on developing the product by ourselves, on all fronts. We made endless “cold” calls to instructors, and got mostly negative answers. A few months after signing our first customer (and a few more after that), we realized that this was never our dream. It was a great ride, we learned so much - from the process and from each other - but we could not take it any higher.
Today, we choose to open source the code, and it is our sincere hope that someone finds it useful - whether for using it or for learning from it.